Full Detail​

  1. Empty vehicle of any large trash. (please remove any visible personal items, dishes, toys, camping equipment, car seats etc.).
  2. Remove and vacuum floor mats.
  3. Degrease and power wash door jams.
  4. Vacuum entire vehicle; seats and upholstery.
  5. Use compressed air to remove dirt and gunk from cracks and crevices. 
  6. Blow out all upholstery seams with compressed air.
  7. Vacuum vehicle again.
  8. Clean all vinyl and plastic trim, door panels, kick plates, and console in vehicle.
  9. Clean Upholstery
  10. Shampoo carpet and floor mats.​​
  11. Clean and power wash wheel wells.
  12. Clean rims and tires.
  13. Wash vehicle.
  14. Remove any bugs, tar, tree sap, or road debris.
  15. Rinse vehicle and blow dry.
  16. Wax vehicle.
  17. Dress tires.
  18. Clean exterior windows. ​​​

Small Car $325, Mid-Size Car $350, Full Size Car $375, Mini-Vans Mid Size S.U.V's $425, Full Size S.U.V's $450, Full Size XL S.U.V's $500.

 All pricing listed above is based on vehicles in “average” condition. We reserve the right determine whether the vehicle is in average condition based upon our visual inspection. The pricing above should be used as a guideline and not as the end all be all, set in stone price. The final price will be quoted after our in person visual inspection of the vehicle, and agreed upon before any work is performed. Additional services may be recommended and or are available per your request. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for or your budget will allow, we can build you a custom package to better suit your needs. Payment is due in full when the agreed upon work has been completed. Thank you, we appreciate your business.


  1.  Dark colored exterior.
  2. Pet Hair.
  3. Smoker.
  4. Excessive amounts of dirt and mud.
  5. Excessively dirty interior.
  6. Large spills.
  7. Custom additions to regular detail.
  8. Large amounts of personal items.



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